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About Us

The Ocean is Our Way of Life

We thought of what could best describe us and what came to mind was our passion for our oceans. We believe in experiences rather than just an activity and we would love to share those experiences with you. So even if you are a person who’s afraid of the water and hesitant to get your toes wet, an all seasoned diver or a professional diver, we would very much like for you have these experiences with us. 


Aquamarine Dive & Tours was started by Koshy Philip after about a decade of rerecreational diving both in India and overseas. He named the center after the gemstone Aquamarine which gets its name from the Latin translation of “water of the sea”. Popular belief also says this stone protects people in the water, resonating with our belief to only bring you the best of our services. 

We are a dive center located just past the Muttukadu Bridge on the East Coast Road, on the road leading to Taj Fisherman’s Cove Resort and Spa.  


Other than diving we also are keen to talk about everything related to the ocean, marine life exploration and, conservation. Feel free to stop by for a coffee and chat. We would love to meet you and share these experiences. For any information regarding our diving experiences, email us at

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